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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Round and round around Infineon Raceway (Sears Point)

Monday 8th.

Finally got to go to Sears Point. Last time I was there was in 2005 for the AFM races, in which I crashed during the Formula IV race, in turn 2. Obviously, I know the layout of the track but, the lines are quite different in a car and on a motorcycle.

I loaded up the truck on Sunday and we left (my sister and I) on Monday at about 5:25AM (yikes!).
As we arrived in Oakland, I missed the 580 West exit and I ended up being forced to take the bay bridge. I turned around on Treasure Island, which was a tad hairy since there is only one road and I had to make a U-turn in a very tight spot with the following setup:

Definitely interesting (not counting the wasted $14 for the extra toll).

We got to the track at 7:50 and I went directly to the registration which was in the garage #1. I had to get a number for some reason, which I assumed was because of the sound limit, and I picked #13. Since there was no more #13, I got 43 and April (a lady member of the staff there) who's an awesome lady by the way, cut the 4 to make it a 1 :)

It was foggy to begin the day but it was more like low clouds. No humidity, but the track was cold and so were my tires. The car fish tailed in turn 4 a little, although it was nothing too serious, my sister did tell me about it. Finally, around 11AM and right before my 3rd session, the sky cleared up and the weather was just glorious!

Coming off turn 11.
We went 3 more sessions (there are 4 groups, so you do 3 sessions in the morning and 2 in the afternoon in the C group) and we reached the end of our day at about 4:30PM.

It took me a while to figure out the turns and I made a little list of spots where I sucked:

  • Turn 4. I just can't hit it properly even though I know it's a late apex.
  • The end of the esses, where I slow down too much.
  • I'm a chicken in turn 9
  • And so am I in turn 10
Overall, it turned out to be an great day and I hope that I can go there again sometimes soon.

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